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The New Internet Explorer 9 rc

I have been quite busy for the past weeks. However yesterday I found some time to try out the new Internet Explorer 9 rc. I must say I am impressed. I was expecting a browser that was similar to IE 8 where no HTML 5 code really worked and CSS rules were translated to something only will work in IE. However it turns out that Microsoft did its homework.

The first thing I did was to see how my sites looked in IE 9. I was happy with the result. No out of place div’s or unknown CSS to IE 9 rc. And the second thing I did was to test the browser with the standard test ACID3 test.

Acid test fail for IE8

On the left you are looking at the result of the test for IE8. Which definitely fails.

No shock there. I mean everyone knows that when it comes to HTML 5 standards and CSS standards IE8 sucks. ( A big sorry to Microsoft but the truth is the truth)

Since we now remembered how IE8 failed the test let us move on to IE 9.

IE9 doing better at 95 at Acid3 test

Yeah man!! 9 fricken 5 at last!! A Microsoft browser that is actually as good as FirefoxOpen-mouthed smile. I have also tested some of the browser attacks and the browser was able to stop all unlike an un-updated IE8. So if a newbie computer user asked if it was OK to use IE9 I would probably say yes!

Let me just show the other tested browsers;

Google chrome killing it

I am personally using Google Chrome and I am loving it! However let me add this tidbit. I don’t endorse Google Chrome or any other browser. After all each browser has its own flavor. And IE8 has the worst one!

Ok that is all for browsers. Tomorrow I may have some stuff to publish on my new toy! A TI MSP430 kit