john roach

Jordan Second Trip

My second trip in Amman, Jordan. Was just able to upload photos after I cam back to Ankara. All in all is Jordan a place to go… Yes, if only you spend two


So, I am now in Jordan. Sadly for work related reasons. But the fun thing is that I am staying at this neat hotel! I am trying to upload as many pictures as

Blinking lights MSP430 FG461x

I have been working on MSP430 [] for sometime now. It is an TI ([Texas Instruments](,-96.751054&spn=

From the beginning please

Hi there. Summer over and so is my work with the company RENKO ITH.  IHR. LTD. STI.. Worked for peanuts doing lots. Proud of it. Paid my school tuition with the peanuts. I

A pretty picture

Hi. Got to take a photo that I actually am proud of. I hope you like it.