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Putting Humpty Dumpty Together

I have been going through many projects these last few days so that’s why you haven’t been receiving any updates. However my work load has lessened a bit hence the update.

I will be posting my collision detection software (for a 3D world using only one webcam). You will be able to find it on GitHub.

I will like to show my fellow system admins one of the switch’s we are using in the company we work. I think it will make you smile.

My Router Nightmare

As you can see the whole thing is a mess and very scary. We are to re-cable the whole thing once I find some time. The switch is actually under power lines.  So lots of interference. Thanks to some miracle the system still works.

I will take a photo of the new version once I fix the whole thing. If I ever find any time. After all I’m the only IT/Software Developer guy throughout the company.

As you can see from the photo I have a nice little corner. The computer is custom made. i7-960 with 6 gigs of ram. The motherboard is true SATA3 so is the hard disk. I very much like my machine. I installed Fedora 15 and Windows 7 64-bit Prof. Dual boot. Very happy over all.

These days I’m writing in Python and C++. So I have been using the new Eclipse IDE. The new Indigo Eclipse is very good. Uses less RAM and less CPU.

For my PHP programs I have been using the new Netbeans 7.0.1. However because of the poor Python support (you have to install a Netbeans 6.8 version plugin which under certain circumstances crashes the whole Netbeans) I really don’t like it. That said the PHP support looks good.

Talking of PHP we moved our http://rentech.com.tr server to Media Temple.mt-120x60-lt They have good service however it really is expensive. I wish they gave a little more RAM without costing an arm and a leg. The whole thing is just too expensive. However the speed is far superior than HostGator which was our previous server host.

I have also moved the whole network to OpenDNS. We were able to stop botnet activity thanks to the switch. It seems one of the computers got infected even though all the PC’s have anti-virus’s. The company was also able to put up some much needed web content filters. Of course now everyone blames the IT guy for the whole thing.

And that is that really. I will probably be buying an Android phone soon. Everything is grand these days. Couldn’t finish my “IP Home Automation Load Balancing” paper yet. I just really didn’t have the time. Was mostly working on my collision software these days.

I may be going back to USA. I really am not sure when it will be happening.