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My Short Entry On Love

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I had my eyes opened on the menaning of love last week. I must say it opened my eyes and certainly made me think on the feeling of love. I won’t go into the deep details of the meaning of love and it’s effect on theology, sociology or economy ( Valentine’s day man…). But I would rather would like to sum up the whole thing.

Love is tender. Love is warm. Love is soothing like; when you have this sore tooth and you put a cool stone on it to alleviate the pain and the hard truths of life. Love comforts. Makes you forget. Love has it’s own time. Some will last for a mere second while others will live on throughout the ages. Love remembers. Love leaves its mark. Like a small scratch on a glass. No matter how you try to wipe it away it is there to stay.  And love can be wounded. It could be hurt. However love can also heal. So never loose hope.

There… My two cents on love.