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Ireland trip day 0 and morning 1

My business trip marathon has started. I will be traveling these next couple of months. I just simply wish that I had bought my ticket with a “Sky Miles Card” really. Would have gotten a free ticket to China or something.

My first leg of my business travel is to Ireland the “Emerald Isle” at first I thought the saying was mostly exaggerated. However as our plane approached the Dublin airport I could clearly see it was actually an understatement. For some reason I remembered the quote from the film “Death at a Funeral” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0795368/)

Uncle Alfie: Everythings so fucking green.

If you haven’t watched the movie (the 2007 version) you should!

Thanks to our business associate/partner Vince. He picked me up from Dublin and took me all the way to my hotel.

On the way we stopped ad a place called “Applegreen”. It is was similar to the service stations in Turkey… yet… different.

After an hour/hour-and-half drive we arrived at the hotel.

The hotel is called “The Abbey Hotel”.

It is simply amazing. It looks like a castle and the rooms look like rooms in castles. Would have liked to take a picture of the hotel room my-self but I was simply too tired yesterday. So please enjoy the front entrance photo of this nice hotel.

The next day after a very good English/Irish breakfast. I went out to see the old Abbey behind the hotel. I was beautiful.
Feast on the images below!

Have fun!