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Going somewhere yet not moving…

Watching the countryside rise and fall like waves ready to hit our steel boat that huffed itself onto the tracks like a beast after a good game. The morning cold reminds me of my idiocy of not bringing my jacket. The hot coffee I made 5 o’clock in the morning warms me and assists me to forget my many past mistakes.

I am on the road to Eskişehir Osmangazi University. A quick drive to the train station [many thanks to my dad here], a fast rail train ride and a bus ride takes me to my destination.

In the university, I will be attending summer courses that I have to take. Probably the last summer course I will ever take.

I will be posting as many photos I can of Eskişehir. It is a beautiful city. Something I really didn’t expect.

I am very busy this summer. I have started a job in RENKO LTD. and also I am working on second home automation based paper with my good teacher Dr.Ali Ziya Alkar. I have some network simulations to do which have proved a little difficult. However, I am confident that I will overcome such difficulties.

I have also updated my CV. It now includes my L33T skills and my pending patent.

I will soon be posting some projects over at GitHub so please check it out!

Have a nice day!