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From the beginning please

Hi there. Summer over and so is my work with the company RENKO ITH.  IHR. LTD. STI.. Worked for peanuts doing lots. Proud of it. Paid my school tuition with the peanuts. I think this makes my school a three ring circus :D.

Work was good and honest in RENKO. I wore three hats at all times ;

Hat#1. Software Engineer/Programmer : Basically I wrote one main program and couple of dozen other programs. The main program used the following languages; Python, PHP, C, JavaScript. The small scripts I wrote used Jython. And as for what these programs did; Picassa and/or Flickr like internet site. Processed image.

Hat#2. Network Engineer : As you may have read from the previous post I set up an IBM server and changed the whole network topology. (Argh! moment here) Lots of manual labor. However now the company has a faster and secured network. My biggest problem was parts. Network parts are really expensive. And trying to do it cheap is really hard.

Hat#3. Floor manager in a photo shop : Yeah you heard it here, John Roach worked as a mean guy trying to sell wedding photos to young couples. This hat I must admit I didn’t really like. Not because it was hard or it was all about selling. But because the person before me was just so… how can I put it politically correct… basically he was messy. Can’t tell everything on the internet can we?

Just because I worked hard doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun. I had lots of it. And learned a lot! The one thing I am proud to say I have learned is Jython! What a quick fix language! And the other thing is Image processing. A hands out to Open-CV and Python Image Library (PIL).

And talking of a good summer. My grandpa came all the way from a far land called USA. This his first visit to Turkey! So we are very happy to have him. We are trying to con him in to staying here in Turkey.  Me and my brother already has plans to hide his tickets and shoes. Don’t know if it will work or not. Mom will probably catch up to us. Meh… My love met my grandfather. They seemed to like each other which is also good