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Being the master of a IBM x3200

Been a long time since I posted anything. There was a reason for that you see I was looking for a job. And guess what I found one! And guess what more! I am now the sole master of a IBM x3200 server!!

IBM x3200 Server

This is me and the server. I must admit I have never set up a server from nothing before. So far servers were given to me already set up. All I had to do was to add and remove software. Now I have to set up the whole network AND write the software. Not complaining! I am just thrilled! Going to be attending summer school too. So will be busy busy busy. And you know what busy busy busy means. ( Hint: Less posts)

Oh yeah talking of posts. According to my site statistics I am getting around a thousand or so clicks a week. My question is why are spams the only ones sending me comments? Please leave comments!!